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janet napolitano? announced today she's leaving to head the university of california system. the department of homeland security has been a vigorous player in the immigration debate. a lot of deportations but also enacting the dream act executive actions. what does her departure mean? >> she's been the salesperson for this bill. she's testified before all sorts of committees that deal with border security. citizenship, visas, everything, i.c.e. , customs protection is under here. this is a very interesting time. on the one hand, republicans, not the biggest fans of her record so far. so in some sense it might give some cover to allow them to maybe get on board on on the other hand we're going to face a nomination for a new department of homeland security and that would -- that could muddle things up more. we'll have to see. >> you mentioned house republicans are not feeling the same pressure that republican party leaders are feeling on a national level regarding hispanic voters. can you explain why that is? >> uh, you look at the house and the average republican house distri
online where we'll talk about edward snowden and rick perry and janet napolitano, among other things. we stream live beginning at :30 eastern time or check out the video all week long. keep up with developments with me at the pbs news hour and we'll see you next week on "washington week" and i want to ish a 100-year happy anniversary to the sisters of sigma pi incorporated. good night. >> corporate funding for "washington week" ask provided by -- -- is provided by -- prudential. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> announcer: the following kqed production was produced in high definition. ♪ ♪ must have soup >> the pancake -- is to die for! >> it was a gut-bomb, but i liked it. >> i actually fantasize in private moments about the food i had. >> i didn't like it. >> you didn't like it? >> dining here makes me feel rich. >> and what about dessert? pecan pie? sweet potato pie?
developments in higher education. homeland security secretary janet napolitano nominated to head the uc system. >>> plus, city college of san francisco fights for its survival. mounting pressure in the state prison system. inmates stage a massive hunger strike while governor brown refuses to release thousands of prisoners to ease over crowding. >>> and a controversial plan for affordable housing in marin provokes some communities
for a never dose years -- we are stuck for another two years. janet napolitano will be stepping down as homeland security, this is the headline of "the arizona republic." she will do so in september. the headline from "the l.a. times" is slightly different -- the to "new york tabloids" -- a story from inside "the new york post most quote reject it points out that immediately after the announcement of janet napolitano stepping down a powerhouse of immigration issues trumped his support for ray kelly. back to your calls, christopher joining us from north carolina. the question, "is congress broken?" caller: congress is not broken. if congress would trust outside of their interior , trust the average a joe that wants their voice to be heard -- if congress and the senate would accept that the voice and come to terms with , thenndependent voice this would no longer be an issue. what it is is a trust issue. congress needs to learn how to trust the independent person, especially after they have been analyzed and their background has been checked and they turn out to be not such a bad person
about at the briefing today would be the budget, homeland security secretary janet napolitano stepping down to take a position at the university of california system. she will add that a. that include ucla and the university of california berkeley. a statement released today by thethe secretary can she's is the opportune the dedicated men and women of the department of homeland security who serve on the front lines of our nation's efforts to protect our communities and families from harm has been the highlight of my professional career. president obama releasing a statement also today saying he wants to thank secretary napolitano for her outstanding work on behalf of the american people over the last four years. at the department of homeland security and its portfolio has included some of the toughest challenges facing our country. she has worked around the clock to respond to natural disasters from the johnson tornado to hurricane sandy. helping americans recover and rebuild. since day one janet has led my administration's efforts to secure our borders, deploying a historic number of
to determine when the border is secure, i can tell you janet napolitano has already said the border is secure. guest: there are a number of points that are not the case. you can allow an administration a lot of leeway or very little leeway. member to -- number two, senate bill in the basic approach is having a pathway to citizenship. the senate bill a minimum of 13 years. he says the legalization starts right away, but he means that very shortly people can come out of hiding. this enables them to work, to be legal in the united states while they are on the 13-year plus wait for citizenship. right now the department of homeland security has the net illegal immigration of the united states is zero as far as we can tell. partly because they have greatly stepped up. the administration has greatly enforcement. there are more than twice the number. they are doing 400,000 per year, our record in american history. a weak for all those reasons the illegal immigration is roughly zero right now. it could go up again and. $40 billion, $45 billion worth of fences and more border people, etc.. c
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6